iBridge Solution

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Smartphone becomes more and more popular and seems will replace the traditional mobile phone. Therefore, smartphone-related products are having a huge business potential in future. Our iBridge solution is an easy solution for iPhone to control different accessories via wireless or wired connection.

Solution Features

  • An easy solution act as a ¡§bridge¡¨ for iPhone to communicate with different accessories
  • Flexible connection methods:
    Apple 30-pin docking connector
  • Easy App Development
    Provides iBridge API for Interfacing with iBridge
  • Easy Accessory Development
    Standard interface, I2C, SPI, UART, between iBridge and Accessory


  • Toys
    RC Cars, RC Helicopters, RC Robotic, etc
  • Health care
    Blood Pressure meter, Blood Glucose Meter, Heart Rate Monitor, etc
  • Home appliance
    Coffee maker, Food Processor, Oven, etc
  • Musical instrument
    Electronic Drum, Electronic Keyboard, etc
  • Lighting control
    home lighting, Christmas lighting, aquarium lighting, etc


System Block Diagram