Car Audio System with CD / MP3 / WMA
Decode, USB Host / SD Card Interface and
iPod Docking Control

Solution Brief
Overview / Features / System Block Diagram / Core IC Products


Valence car audio solution is the ideal choice for a reliable and highly integrated car audio system with up-to-date audio technology for in-car audio entertainment. It supports playback of MP3 / WMA audio files stored in USB thumb drive, SD/MMC memory card and CD, as well as Appleˇ¦s iPod. The user interface is highly customizable making it efficient to match the design.

Solution Features

  • MP3 / WMA audio file playback from USB interface / SD card interface / CD-R/RW media
  • USB interface support
  • USB MP3 player
  • USB Mass storage device
  • SD card interface support
  • Mini and Micro SD Card
  • SDHC SD Card
  • Audio CD playback with Electronic Skip Protection (ESP) function , support CD-R/RW media
  • iPod interface allow direct control of iPod playback
  • Support iPod security chips
  • EQ selections
  • AM / FM automatic radio tuning system with 30 station memories and last channel memory

System Block Diagram

Core IC Products

Part Number Product
AP702 USB Host and PLL Interface with DSP and MCU Controller