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Who We Are

Valence is an award-winning fabless IC design company. We design, develop, and market standard and custom design analog, digital, and mixed-signal integrated circuits (IC) for the consumer electronics market. We have over 20 years of IC design experience, during which, we have successfully developed many high performance and feature-rich products for various applications. Many world-class customers count on our chips to bring their products to the competitive markets with our time-to-market design, quality services and commitment to customer satisfaction.

How We Operate

We focus on the design and the development of new products and intellectual property. Our experienced and high caliber engineers work in our laboratory, which is equipped with state-of-the-art development tools and in-house wafer testing facilities. This boosts our capabilities of designing exceptionally complex chips, shortening the development cycle, and ensuring a high level of chip quality. In order to ensure our products fit the ever-changing market and to build close and lasting customer relationships, we always work directly with our customers to define and develop our new products. Our office locations are so close to the manufacturing sites that we can easily provide speedy support and courtesy services.

Our Exposure

We have strong alliance with reputable fabrication companies such as UMC, TSMC, CSM, Samsung, and CSMC. Working with these well-known suppliers guarantees our product quality reaches the highest level. We leverage world-class technologies and accumulated IP libraries, to develop and market our high performance ICs. We also have solid experience in serving both growing companies and reputable multinational corporations by maintaining flexibility to meet their demanding needs, and reinforcing ability to conduct benchmarking for continuous improvement.