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Your custom electronic product development solution provider to bridge the technical gap and optimize market potentials.

Grow your ideas with our project incubator. Once you developed an idea on the desired product features, its cutting edges and the target market. Smart, innovative, Convenient, etc., our sales team and engineers will capitalize on their expertise to help the idea grow and evolve into a real concept with that can turn to market reality.

A great product idea should never be compromised by a poor user experience. As we know, user experience is KING. Our team of experienced designers work for you to ensure the visual design deliver simplified and intuitive user interfaces in a multi-platform environment under your brand guidelines and technical requirements.

We provide one-stop solution for the product design in the most cost- competitive way. Our solutions comprise standardized wireless modules, customized hardware design, firmware and software development, manufacturing services, and maker community support. With our proven experience in numerous scalable projects, we can guarantee for sure that our highly cost- efficient solutions bring technology to life and ensure the best user experience.

Our headquarter is strategically situated very close to the manufacturing sites, saving transportation cost and ensuring our every support and courtesy service timely and speedy. We have built up a strong and extensive network with reliable manufacturing channels in China, Hong Kong or even Asia Pacific for you best business objectives.

System Integration
We focus on Internet of Things solutions. With our professional expertise on IoT technology, we are able to integrate your product with embedded firmware, hardware via mobile app and cloud.

We provide services & solutions for IoT in all industries & domains including healthcare, smart appliances for home & office, smart energy devices, automobile, delivery & logistics, smart consumer devices, to name a few. We also provide cloud collaboration solutions and multiple cloud integration services to serve this purpose to various industries.

We have extensive experience in custom IC design, audio solutions, consumer electronics products, power management, IoT solutions and analog smart watch movement.

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